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Many times companies try to wear too many hats. Sometimes the headache of trying to accomplish a task outside of your normal talents can be time consuming and frustrating.


Creative problem solving is what we do best. When your company or organization is striving to make a connection with your audience and you find yourself hitting a brick wall you need to contact Allegheny Design Works.


Allegheny Design Works is here for you during those occasions. We are are a Multi-disciplinary Design Firm based in Huntington, WV. Our experience ranges from web design to marketing collateral and corporate identity to video production.


These wide range of talents make Allegheny Design Works one of the most versatile Design Firms in the Mid-Atlantic Region.


“What makes Allegheny Design Works so great is that we are a complete creative package. We don’t stop at designing, we’re also artists, illustrators, animators and musicians.”


Complete creative package? What does that mean? Well, it means you have more at your disposal when we design. An example would be a traditional designer would use clip-art when creating a brochure, but at Allegheny Design Works you get one of a kind original illustrations.


When creating multimedia projects instead of using “canned music”, we create original compositions written just for your project.


It means no limits.


“We just enjoy being creative, there is no “design by committee” like you find at large Design Firms. We’re all about inspiration and problem solving.”


Our beginnings started from the childhood dreams of Owner and Designer Steve Lewis.


“I was born an artist, that’s just what I am. Some people decide on their careers when they enter college and have to choose a major. I knew from a very early age what I would be, there was never any question about it.”


To discover how Allegheny Design Works can help your business, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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